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The Naughty Realtor


Elara Elis, who is 58 years senior, is a realtor who is demonstrating a palace. Milan, who is 27 years senior, is her customer.

“You are awfully beautiful,” baby says to him. “I expect you do not thoughts me pawing you.”

Hmmm…what sort of realtor is baby?

“It might be a good bachelor pad for orgies for you,” baby says.


“Do you thoughts if I knead you?” baby says as her forearm strolls all the way down to his package deal.

So both:

1. Innocent truly does not care about renting the room. Innocent simply desires youthful lizard.


2. Innocent thinks blowing and penetrating her customer will seal the deal.

We are gonna cross with No. 1.

“I am certainly fascinated by renting this palace,” Milan says as baby licks his jism.

“Smartly that is excellent,” baby says, albeit we aren’t positive if baby’s regarding the sale or the jism.

Date: October 11, 2021